SKHTST Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program (SKHTST TYLP) Demonstration Recruitment Meeting was held on 28 January, 2022 from 8pm to 9:30pm. The meeting aimed at recruiting members to the Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program from February to May 2022. In the zoom Demo meeting, students had a chance to take up varied roles as prepared speakers, the toastmaster, the timer, the ah-counter, the table topics master and speakers.

The Alumni Association (AA) sent alumni to be the evaluators. Herman WAN (AA Chairman), Nancy JIANG (AA External Secretary), Yui Kong HEUNG (long-standing guest speaker at our past Toastmasters meetings) and Matthew CHAN (our Students’ Union President in 2018-19) participated in the meeting as evaluators. Our alumna Yammy CHEUNG, the founder of SKHTST TYLP, conducted a workshop on Creativity.

Teacher advisors of TYLP Ms WAN Ka Wai Carrie and Ms LAM Kit Shan organized the event and retired former Vice Principal Mrs Anne TAM also took up the role as General Evaluator.

40 students, including current SKHTST students and visitors from other primary and secondary schools, attended the meeting. Five students in the audience were picked by lot to take part in the Table Topics Session which gave them first-hand experience of impromptu public speaking. After the meeting, 36 SKHTST students and 9 visitors signed up for the Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program (2022).

Here are the highlights of the meeting:

Our 4 alumni speakers
Core teachers
Executive committee members of SKHTST TYLP 2022
Alumni at the SKHTST Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program (2022) Demonstration Recruitment Meeting