About 20 alumni had a most enjoyable and fruitful 4-hour meal on August 27, 2023 when the more senior legal practitioners or law students welcomed the newbies. It was an occasion of mentorship when alumni of different years and legal background exchanged their experiences. Among them were our former principal Mr Anthony TONG Kai Hong, our former vice principal Mrs Anne TAM and our Chief Advisor of the Alumni Association Ms HO Wai Yin.

From left: 1st row (seated): Jack, Yoyo, Mrs Tam, Mr Tong, Ms Ho and Davina
From left: 2nd row: Sky, Gloria, Karena, William, Julia, Jennifer, Kristy, Anneliese
From left: 3rd row: Eric, Herman, Cyrus, Lawrence, Christopher, Phoebe
Alumni in the legal field gathering on Aug 27, 2023