F5 English-Career Oscars is a cross-curricular project jointly organized by the Career Team and the English Department. It aimed to enhance students’ knowledge about different careers and motivate them to take ownership of their Career and Life Planning.

There were three phases in this project:

Phase I: Intra-class All F5 students in groups of 5 or 6 researched on their chosen career fields and presented in their own English classes.
Phase II: Inter- form Two groups per F.5 class presented their researched career in a F.4 class during their common Moral Education lessons.

All F5 students wrote individual essays on their experience in Career Oscars.

Phase III: Whole-school Three groups presented their interesting career topics in the hall during the whole-school assembly.


Book coupons were given to 15 groups with impressive performances in Intra-class presentation.

5A Law & Photography

5A Law

Group Members: CHEUNG Wing Fu, CHEUNG Ka Man, CHOW Tsz Sum, NG Yan Kok, SIT Ching Yan

5A Photography

Group Members: LI Ka Man, MAK Wing Hei, NG Wing Chun, NG Yuen Chun, SO Sin Miu, YEUNG Tsz Shan


5B Music & 5C Architecture

5B Music

Group Members: CHAN Ka Sin, CHEUNG Chi Ling, CHUNG Wing Sum, FUNG Ka Ching, LI Ying Ue

5C Architecture

Group Members: HO Tung Pak, IP Chung Ting, SOON Lik Hang, TANG Cheuk Kit, WONG Chi Hung, CHENG Pik Kei


5C Engineering & 5D Aviation

5C Engineering

Group Members: CHAN Ho Ming, CHAN Tak Fu, CHEUNG Chung Yin, CHU Chee Man, NGAI Man Yui, TAM Tsz Chung

5D Aviation

Group Members: CHEUNG Tsun Ming, CHIU Yik Hei, LI Yu Hin, LI Chun Wang, WONG Cheuk Yin


5E Psychology & 5E Civil Engineering

5E Psychology

Group Members: HE Juin Kun, LAU Kin Wang, HUNG Yuen Wai, Lee Sze Wing, LEUNG Hei Tung

5E Civil Engineering

Group Members: CHAN Cheuk Yin, CHEUNG Ho Yee, CHEUNG Hoi Tung, LAM Cheuk Yiu, TSANG Ho Yi


5E Biochemistry & 5B Wedding Planner

5E Biochemistry

Group Members: SZE Yuk Ching, WONG Man Chung, CHAN Yeuk Lan, LO Cheuk Wing, SHING Hoi Yan, TSANG Tsz Yan

5B Wedding Planner

Group Members: CHOW Chin Ho, LAW Tsz Fung, CHAN Hiu Yan, HO Ka Wai, LAU Ying


5D Journalism & Pharmacy

5D Journalism

Group Members: KONG Hoi Ching, LAU Lok Yiu, LIU Wing Lam, NG Ka Wai, TSANG Sez Wah

5D Pharmacy

Group Members: LAU Yuk Fan, CHAN Hei Lam, HUI Ka Wing, POON Nip Yu, WONG Yan Ling


Bonus coupons were given to groups selected to present in the hall during the whole-school assembly.

5B Wedding Planner_Whole School

5B Wedding Planner


5D Journalism_Whole School

5D Journalism


5E Pharmacy

5E Pharmacy

Group Members: CHAN Kai Hon, LAW Kwok Kwan, MOK Tsun Yiu, SHEUNG Ka Wa, WU Chi Kit


Students from 5A Photography group also shared their insights and clips of the cross-curricular projects at an Experience Sharing by the Career Team organised by the Education Department for Shatin schools’ principals and teachers in April 13, 2016. For details, please visit


Book coupons were also given to 14 students with insightful reflections in their essays.

Click the names below for their individual reflections:

5A 1.          Sit Ching Yan Tiffany
2.          Chow Tsz Sum
5B 1.          Chan Cheuk Ying
2.          Chan Ka Sin Steffany
3.          Li Ying Ue
5C 1.          Ho Tung Pak
2.          Soon Lik Hang
3.          Tang Cheuk Kit
5D 1.          Tsang Sze Wah
2.          Lau Lok Yiu
3.          Hui Ka Wing
5E 1.          Mok Tsun Yiu
2.          Lau Kin Wang
3.          Lo Cheuk Wing


Best Reflection

Career Mistress Mrs. Tam and some representatives of awardees.


Highlights of English-Career Oscars

Career Oscars   Career Oscars_Music

Audience   Speaker

Members from CLAP for Youth @ JC and PS Career Teachers visited our school and exchanged opinions concerning the co-ordination and implementation of life planning in secondary school.

Debriefing_Group Photo


F5 English-Career Oscars
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