On Sep 5, 2020, four F6 (2019-20) graduates admitted to the study of medicine at university had an online orientation with 18 alumni mentors.

Our former principal Mr. Anthony TONG, the recently retired vice principal Mrs. Tam, and our current vice principal Ms. Karen WONG visited the meeting.

During the two and a half hours, all 22 TSTers had very meaningful and insightful conversations which bonded them well and fostered their sense of belonging to their alma mater.

Thanks the following participants for supporting the events (in order of seniority):  Dr. HQ WONG, Dr. Perry KWOK, Dr. CL CHIANG, Dr. Valerie HO, Dr. Charles LEUNG, Dr. Alice WONG, Venus CHAN, Sunny TSANG, Kelvin YIU, Lester WONG, Anson MOK, Mary CHUNG, Vanessa CHAN, Tracy CHOW, Gordon TSANG, Connie YEUNG, George YEUNG, Eunice CHENG, Rachel CHU, Nancy JIANG, Shirley LAI and Vincent LUI.

Special thanks to Sunny TSANG, the group representative, and the following facilitators for organizing the event: Vanessa CHAN, Mary CHUNG, Nancy JIANG, Anson MOK and Lester WONG.


Opening Remarks by Dr. WONG Han Qian, one of the most long-standing mentors in this group.


Closing Remarks by Mr Anthony TONG, our former principal who started the concept of Mentorship in our school.



Online Mentorship with the medical alumni mentors
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