Former advisors of our Alumni Association Mr TONG Kai Hong, former principal
and Mrs Anne TAM, former Vice Principal came back to the campus for the Amity
Living Water Townhall, an online Other Learning Experience (OLE) on Feb 22, 2021
for our F5 to F6 students.
A cross-curricular student-focussed event “Amity Living Water Townhall” was a zoom
meeting with Amity’s partners in Myanmar & Nepal. In the one-hour meeting at the
Lecture Theatre also broadcast live in classrooms, our students asked questions
about water-deprived communities. The OLE created curiosity in world affairs,
excitement in meeting peoples from other countries online and helped students
explore the cause of water and sanitation.
Mr Tong also spoke to the current students about the importance of helping the
underprivileged in the world.
The event also had our former Discipline Master Mr FUNG Man To joining the zoom
meeting and other alumni visiting the former advisors at the Lecture Theatre.

For a more detailed report, please check this out on Amity website:

Mr Tong & Mrs Tam with the current Vice Principal Mr Lam
Student asking questions
Some zoom partners
Mr Tong talking about helping the needy
The current principal Mr Wang with two classes at the Lecture Theatre
Alumna Monnie Wong visiting
Former AA advisors at Amity Living Water Townhall