After months of renovation work, the covered playground is now refurnished with new rooms.

On 22 February 2021, former Vice-Principal and Chief Advisor of the Alumni Association Ltd Mrs TAM LEUNG Yen Ying and the Executive Committee. Members of AA went on a campus tour. The new facilities, which include a Heritage Room named Sik Yu Lounge, the Students’ Union Office, a
Counselling Room, a Christian Centre, a Printing Office, as well as a big classroom, contribute to a better campus environment conducive to both teaching and learning. The alumni reminisced about their good old memories back in their secondary school days while appreciating the modern design of the classrooms.

Retired AA advisor Mrs TAM and current AA Advisor Ms Fan Ho Yan with alumni at the newly-renovated covered playground.
Alumni visiting brand new classrooms
Later in the day, Mr Wang leading former principal Mr Tong and former vice principal Mrs Tam around the new rooms
AA Campus Tour