2 March 2021 marked the last school day of the Class of 2021. In the morning, five alumni Mr Herman WAN (AA Chairman), Ms Amy LAM (AA Internal Secretary), Ms Monnie WONG (AA Executive Committee Member), Mr Cyrus LO (2016 F6 Graduate) and Mr Matthew CHAN (2020 F6 Graduate) came back to the campus to host the event “Letter to the Future”, organised by the AA.


F.6 students were provided with specially designed cards by the AA on which they could leave their messages to the future. The cards were then collected and are now securely kept by the AA. Four years later, having completed university studies, the Class of 2021 will meet again and be given back the messages written by themselves as high school graduates.


While the F.6 graduates were writing on their cards, they were also invited to join the AA and they showed enthusiasm for being a part of TST’s extensive alumni network. The AA would like to extend a warm welcome to new members and wish them huge success in the coming public examination.


F.6 graduates penning the letters. They were creating their unique time capsules!
Alumna Amy LAM (front), AA Chief Advisor Ms HO Wai Yin (back) and Class 6A.
The event was not only a farewell for the F.6 graduates, but also a reunion for alumni and teachers.                                                                                 From left: Matthew CHAN, Herman WAN, Ms FAN Ho Yan (AA Advisor) , Ms HO Wai Yin (AA Chief Advisor), Monnie WONG, Amy LAM, Cyrus Lo, and Mr MA King Man (teacher).
Letter to the Future