50 alumni, staff and students attended a film show The Normal Exceptional (《媽媽,我有一條了不起的神經!》) on Mar 28, 2021. Our alumnus Mr YIM Chun Pang is the Executive Producer of this documentary film which follows six autistic students for over seven years. Aiming to increase the acceptance and appreciation of these children with hidden exceptional talents in our society, the film chronicles the real struggles experienced by the students and their families.

To show support for Mr Yim’s years of hard work, Alumna Ms KO Shuk Wa offered complimentary tickets to interested staff, alumni and students.

The documentary received very positive feedback from the audience. In the post-screening sharing session, some members of the audience expressed their gratitude to the production team for shedding light on autism and advocating a more inclusive society.

Some alumni, teachers and students after the screening
Full house under social distancing measures
Genuine and touching sharing from the audience
From left: Ms HO Wai Yin (AA Chief Advisor), Mr YIM Chun Pang (Executive Producer), Mr Mark SIU (Director)
Alumni, staff and students attending a film produced by an alumnus