Dr CHIANG Chi Leung, our F7 graduate in 1999, now Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Clinical Oncology at HKU, was the guest-of-honour speaking at our Students’ Union Inauguration on Oct 18, 2021 at the Lecture Theatre.

In his speech broadcast live to the whole school, he shared with staff and students his passion in the medical field and his advice for teenagers facing Covid 19.

After the Assembly, Dr CHIANG and our seven F6 graduates of 2020-21 having just entered the Medical Faculty answered questions from 48 F5 & 6 students aspiring to be medical personnel. In the 30-min sharing, the current students bonded well with their seniors.

Dr CHIANG stayed for another 45 minutes to mentor the seven freshmen and shared his insights on how they could equip themselves well in the medical field.

The Vice Chairman of our Alumni Association Mr Damon FAN Shiu Pong attended all the sessions, sharing how alumni could bond well in mentorship. Mrs Anne Tam, former Vice Principal and Alumni Association Advisor, was also an attendee.

Dr CHIANG Chi Leung
Dr CHIANG, staff & AA Vice Chairman Mr FAN
Dr CHIANG witnessing the SU Inauguration
The new SU cabinet
Dr CHIANG and the medical freshmen talking to students
Principal Wang presenting souvenirs to Dr CHIANG
Dr CHIANG & freshmen talking to 48 F5 & 6 students
Students bonding with medical alumni
Dr CHIANG mentoring the freshmen
Alumnus Dr CHIANG Chi Leung speaking at our SU Inauguration