Our alumnus Mr Cliff WONG, a graduate of our second cohort of F5 students, spoke at our Assembly at the Lecture Theatre broadcast live to the whole school on Oct 26, 2021 about the struggles of sportsmen. Passionate in fencing, Mr WONG shared inspiring life struggles of himself and other sportsmen. He reflected upon the decades of ups and downs in promoting fencing as the Principal of Hong Kong Fencing School especially in SARS and Covid times and the recent popularity stemming from the Olympics 2020.


After the Assembly, Mr WONG was invited by the Integrated Arts teacher and Alumni Association Chief Advisor Ms HO Wai Yin to talk with a F4 class for 30 minutes about the importance of sports in our physical and mental well-being. Attending was also our former Vice-principal and former Alumni Association Chief Advisor Mrs Anne TAM.

Mr Cliff WONG
Mr WONG sharing the struggles of sportsmen
Principal WANG presenting souvenirs to Mr WONG
Mr WONG and staff
Mr WONG talking to a F4 Integrated Arts class
Mr Cliff WONG and Ms HO Wai Yin
Students asking questions
Mr WONG and the whole class
Alumnus Mr Cliff WONG Tsan speaking at our whole-school Assembly