Our alma mater is turning 45! 14 October, 2022 marked the kick-off of TST’s 45th Anniversary celebrations. On the balmy Friday morning, the 45th Anniversary Launch Ceremony was held in the Assembly Hall, subsequent to the Inauguration of the Students’ Union. The Alumni Association (AA) Chairperson Mr Damon Fan was among the officiating guests unveiling a plaque marking the creation of a time capsule, to be opened in TST’s diamond jubilee in 2037. Among the guests witnessing this special moment also included the Alumni Manager Mr Curtis Mak, as well as AA Vice-chairpersons Mr Matthew Chan and Mr Michael Wong. 

Following the ceremony, the guests went on a guided tour to the new campus facilities, including the Chinese Herb Garden, the coral conservation aquarium and the STEM Room. The tour was guided by the student ambassadors and teachers who gave an elaborate introduction to the innovations involved in the facilities.

Alumni, being an integral part of TST’s heritage over four decades, never cease to take part in the school’s special moments. This year of celebrations and thanksgiving is no exception. The AA welcomes and looks forward to our alumni active participation in this year’s celebration!

Guests assembled in Sik Yu Lounge prior to the ceremony.
Front row from right: PTA Chairperson Mrs WONG Hung Mei-sin, Principal Jaxon WANG, IMC member Mr TSANG Kai-kin Clinton, IMC Chairman Professor CHAN Ho-yin Edwin and his spouse.
Rear row from right: Alumni Manager Mr Curtis MAK, AA representatives: Mr Damon FAN, Mr Michael WONG and Mr Matthew CHAN, and IMC member the Revd IP Tsz-leung.
AA Chief Advisor Ms HO Wai-yin and the alumni watching a promotion video featuring the 45th Anniversary events.
The moment the plaque was unveiled. From left: Principal WANG, Vice-Principal Mr LAM, the newly elected SU President WONG Yuen-kei and AA Chairperson Mr Damon FAN.
From left: Vice-Principal Mr LAM Chi-keung, AA Vice-chairperson Mr Michael WONG, Alumni Manager Mr Curtis Mak, Principal WANG, AA Chief Advisor Ms HO Wai-yin, host of the ceremony Ms Catherine MA, AA Chairperson Mr Damon FAN, AA Vice-chairperson Mr Matthew CHAN, former Vice-Principal Mrs TAM Leung Yen-ying.
The guests taking a photo with teachers and janitors. Their effort gave rise to a stunning start and promising outlook for the coming year of celebrations.
Alumni representatives at the 45th Anniversary Launch Ceremony