From 8 to 15 November 2022, our alumnus Mr Michael CHUNG Wai Keung hosted five 360 Camera Workshops for all of our five F.4 classes, teaching skills in using Insta 360 One X2 camera. It was the first part of the F.4 IA-Career Video Project co-organised by the Integrated Arts Department, the Career and Life Planning Committee and the Alumni Association Ltd. Taking the class photo in 360⁰ and panorama, students used the camera to capture the dynamic motion and enjoyed learning the skills.

Our deep gratitude to Mr CHUNG for conducting the workshops.

Mr Michael CHUNG conducting his talk in F.4E homeroom.
F.4A’s 360⁰ photo
F.4B’s 360⁰ photo
F.4C’s 360⁰ photo
F.4D’s 360⁰ photo
F.4E’s 360⁰ photo
Alumnus conducting 360 Camera Workshop