Our alumni, Mr Simon CHAN and Mr Kelvin CHEUNG, shared inspiring messages about their careers at our whole-school Assembly in the School Hall on 11 Nov 2022. The Alumni Association (AA) Chairman Mr Damon FAN introduced them at the Assembly.

Mr Simon CHAN briefly outlined the latest information technology (IT) developments in the world. Inspiring our students to keep up with IT trends and apply IT in study and work, Simon also reflected on how fast technology changed and encouraged our students to dream big and tell others about our aspirations. Mr Kelvin CHEUNG also reflected upon his life in his alma mater and at university to remind our students the importance of good financial management and decision-making. Through sharing his experience in an adventure training, Mr CHEUNG also offered our students a glimpse into risk management.

Two alumni also attended the Assembly to receive their awards in our 45th Anniversary Logo Design Competition

The alumni taking a photo with Principal Wang, teachers and students.
Our alumni, Our Mr Simon CHAN (left) and Mr Kelvin CHEUNG (right), giving their sharing in our School Hall.
AA Chairman Mr Damon FAN giving an introduction of the alumni speakers.
The awardees of the 45th Anniversary Logo Design Competition
From left to right:
LEUNG Hau Lam (Merit), TANG Gaoyu (Merit), TONG Wai Pong (Alumnus, Merit), CHAN Chin Ting (2nd Runner-up), HUNG Kam Fai (Alumnus, 1st Runner-up), LAM Chun Tin (Champion) and Principal WANG
Alumni and staff after the Assembly:
Back row: Mr Simon CHAN (3rd from left), Advisor of Alumni Association Ms HO Wai Yin (4th from left), Principal WANG (5th from left) and teachers
Front row: (from left to right): Mr HUNG Kam Fai, AA Vice Chairman Mr Michael WONG, AA Chairman Mr Damon FAN, Mr Kelvin CHEUNG, AA Treasurer Mr Chris YIP and Mr TONG Wai Pong
Two alumni sharing insights at the Morning Assembly