The 45th Anniversary Drama, Bliss Simulator, was on stage with performances on 16 July 2023, with over 1,000 guests and alumni in attendance to mark the grand finale of the 45th anniversary celebratory activities. 

Chinese Drama Society Chairperson TANG Yu Ching (3rd from left) and the teammates performing on the stage
Scene 3: Penguin · Swallow
Scene 4: Departing · Leaving
Actors and actresses taking bows at the end of the Drama Show
The honourable guest, Revd IP Tsz Leung, came to support the Anniversary Drama Performance.
Our school supervisor Prof. CHAN Ho Yin Edwin, Principal WANG, Vice Principal Ms WONG Wai Shan and other honourable guests, parents, alumni, teachers and students enjoyed the stunning drama performance.
The photo of the Drama Production Team with Principal WANG, Ms WONG Wai Shan (VP), Ms SHEK Ting (VP), Mr MA King Man and Mr CHAN Yat Ki.
Alumnus Mr LEUNG Hoi Hin (2nd from left) was the lyrics writer of our 45th Anniversary Drama Show.
Aluma Ms Shirley YUEN (left) was the supervisor of the 45th Anniversary Drama Booklet Typesetting Design

Many alumni came to show their support and gratitude to their alma mater during the Anniversary Drama performance.

Alumni attending the 45th Anniversary Drama Show