Invited by the Parent-teacher Association, two alumni were interviewed to share the pursuit of their career goals and give advice to our students aspiring to start out on the relevant career paths. 

Ms Evelyn Cheng, a barrister, shared her passion for legal studies, the opportunities and challenges of working in the legal field. Interviewing her were four F.3 students and one F.5 student on 20 March 2024. 

Ms Joey Ho, a café owner, shared her views of starting up her business and the role of parents in the development of entrepreneurial children. Visiting her at her workplace were our students and a teacher on 28 March 2024.

The contents of the interview will be published in the PTA annual magazine.

Interviewing Ms Evelyn Cheng
Group photo with Ms Evelyn Cheng
Interviewing with Ms Joey Ho (2nd from right) and teacher Ms Julia Ching (1st from left) and our students
Career Path Sharing