3 groups of mentees with more than 100 in each have registered for the Mentorship Scheme for F4 and F6 students from 2009 to 2011. Alumni mentors are being recruited for a great variety of activities for the mentees. There are 3 big groups for these two years–Artistic, Business and Para-medical.

There have been 5 visits.

Artistic Group:
47 students visited the APA Open day with 2 alumni mentors
A sharing by an architect

A talk to the aspiring mentees given by Yip kwok Ching

2 hospital visits

Group consultants:
-Raymond Yu (Alumni Head)
-Oscar Liu (Alumni Deputy Head)
-Chan Oi Wing 6A (Student Helper)

-Justina Cheung (Alumni Head)
-Chan Lok Yiu 6A (Student Helper)

-Eddy Cheung Yu Yeung (Alumni Head)
-Sing Tsz Kwan 6A (Student Helper)


Mentorship Scheme (2008-09)
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