Our alumna Tracy TIN, the first ART Ambassador in our school and a graduate in the first year of DSE, gave a complimentary Makeup Workshop on June 23, 2020 (Tuesday). She has had experiences in teaching secondary school students on campus about makeup. When she is not flying, Tracy also teaches makeup on the social networking sites.

15 F6 graduates participated in the Workshop, nine of whom attended the morning session. Both sessions were 4-hour long. Alumni Association Advisors visited the class and helped out when needed.


1_Exciting start


2_Group pic before starting


3_AA Advisor Ms Fan visiting class






6_Fruits of labour


7_Start afternoon session




9_practice time


10_Tracy helping


11_Dance fan trying on stage makeup


12_Tracy completing the looks


13_Triumphant finish




Alumna’s makeup Workshop for F6 graduates (2019-20)
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