Our alumni, Ms YEUNG Man Ting Emily and Mr MA Hong Ki Ivan, our AL graduate and DSE graduate respectively, spoke at our Assembly at the Lecture Theatre broadcast live to the whole school on January 17, 2022 about their career in music therapy and clinical psychology as well as advice for our students about mental health awareness. The Alumni Association (AA) Vice Chairman Mr Damon FAN gave an introduction of them at the beginning of the Assembly.

In their speech, they also reflected upon how they were inspired to pursue their profession through reading and joining activities in their alma mater. Emily and Ivan encouraged our students to understand their passion and vision and sustain their pursuit of goals. Last but not least, they reminded us of the importance of mental health and of being supportive to our friends who are struggling emotionally.

Ms Emily YEUNG, Music Therapist, and Mr Ivan MA, Clinical Psychologist, giving their sharing in Tsang Wing Hing Lecture Theatre.
From left: Ms HO Wai Yin (AA Chief Advisor), Mr Ivan MA (Clinical Psychologist), Ms Emily YEUNG (Music Therapist) and Mr Damon FAN (AA Vice Chairperson)
Ms Emily YEUNG (6th from left), Mr Ivan MA (4th from right), AA Vice Chairperson Mr Damon FAN (1st from right) and staff
Alumni Ms YEUNG Man Ting Emily and Mr MA Hong Ki Ivan speaking at our whole-school assembly