On June 14, 2023, 10 alumni attended the F6 Graduation Dinner. Among them were the Alumni Association (AA) Mr Damon FAN (Chairman), Mr Matthew CHAN (Vice Chairman), Mr Curtis MAK (Alumni Manager), Mr German CHEUNG (Election Manager of Alumni Manager), Mr Alan CHEUNG (Ex Co member) and other AA members — Mr Kelvin CHEUNG, Ms KO Suk Wa, Ms Kate LAM, Mr Nelson NG and Mr Herman WAN. Invited to the Dinner were former Vice-principal Mrs Anne TAM and current staff members. They all enjoyed talking with the F6 graduates whom they mentored throughout all the past years in various school activities.  

Alumni, staff and F6 graduates
AA Chairman Damon FAN speaking to all graduates
Alumni with former staff, AA Chief Advisor Ms Ho WY, Principal WANG and three Vice Principals
Alumni and retiring teacher Mr FUNG Wing Hong
Alumni attending the F6 Graduation Dinner